Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! We’re Zach and Alissa, the dedicated owners of Site Pros Landscaping. Whether building a new pond, repairing an existing one, or enhancing your landscape, we love sharing our knowledge, lending an expert hand, and helping you have the yard you’ve always wanted.

Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we get. If you have any other questions or need more details, please reach out to us and we’ll gladly help! 

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Because you should always leave your outdoor spaces in the hands of contractors you can trust. At Site Pros Landscaping, we pride ourselves on our prompt communication, always calling back within an hour.

Our extensive knowledge and passion for pond building and repair are reflected in every project we undertake. Our customers recommend us because of our dedication to quality and customer service.

With years of experience and a genuine love for what we do, we ensure that every project is completed to the highest standard. Let us show you why we’re trusted by so many in the community.

We partner with some of the best brands in the industry to deliver top-notch results. Our preferred brands include Tremron for pavers, wholesale nurseries for the best plant selections, Belgard for quality hardscaping products, and Aquascape for superior pond equipment.

If your pond was built by us, maintenance is straightforward. You’ll need to clean out the skimmer regularly and ensure that the bacteria in your auto doser is always full. This simple routine helps keep your pond healthy and looking its best.

You’ll know it’s time for pond maintenance if the water starts looking cloudy or the pump seems to be running slower than usual. These signs indicate that your pond needs some attention to remain in optimal condition.

If you notice dirty water or decomposing material at the bottom of your pond, it’s a clear sign that your pond needs cleaning. Regular cleaning helps maintain the health and beauty of your pond.

We offer both 2D and 3D designs to suit your needs, though 2D designs are the most common choice among our clients.

We not only design landscapes but also build them, bringing your vision to life from start to finish.

Yes, we do offer warranties to give you peace of mind. We provide a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all of our work.

We do not offer warranties for plants as their care is beyond our control. For our products, we work with high-quality brands like Aquascape, which offers a lifetime warranty on most of their products. Pavers come with a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer, ensuring durability and longevity.

Site Pros Landscaping has been proudly serving the community since 2018. Three years ago, in 2021, we shifted our focus from mowing services to specializing in pond building and repair. Our years of experience in landscaping and our passion for ponds have allowed us to create stunning outdoor spaces for homeowners like you.

Maintaining a pond naturally involves using beneficial bacteria and biological filters. These elements work together to keep your pond’s ecosystem balanced and the water clear without the need for harsh chemicals.

Monthly maintenance is enough for most ponds. It’s a good practice to check on your pond at least once a week to ensure everything is functioning properly and to address any minor issues before they become major problems.

Absolutely! Your pond will have no problem surviving the winter here in Florida. Our mild winters are perfect for maintaining the health and vitality of your pond year-round.

Absolutely! We can adjust your design to best suit your preferences and requirements.

We love incorporating sustainable plants into our designs. Tropical backyard landscapes and traditional front yard curb appeal are among the most popular choices for our projects in Florida.

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