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Fountains are a beautiful backyard addition that quickly become the focus point of your property. 

These give you a great opportunity to attract life in your backyard and see the ecosystem thrive.

You’ll see birds and insects flying around more often, and you’ll enjoy the soothing sounds of water and wildlife.

There are hundreds of fountains available for all kinds of needs and budget, so your choices are unlimited – perfect when you’re after the perfect landscape.

Get the best upgrades and features for your new fountain:

Fix Your Fountain Water Feature And take advantage of all its Calmness once again

Whether the pump has malfunctioned, the reservoir is damaged, or the electrical is busted, a water feature that’s not working right is a huge consumer.

And if your fountain is busted completely, all it does is ruin the landscape you worked so hard to build.

The good news is that after years of experience, we can fix pretty much all water features. You’ll get the fountain up and running again in no time, and you’ll enjoy its calmness and joy once again.

Enjoy a complete fountain repair service with a trusted expert.

Beautiful Water Fountains To Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Questions About Water Fountains

Most times, fountain water features fail because of clogged up debris or leaves, causing the pump to malfunction. While this is an easy fix, sometimes the damage is so severe that the pump needs a replacement.

Other common issues we fix are cracks in the fountain and parts replacement due to wear and tear.

To an untrained eye, knowing where the real issue lies is difficult. We’ve had clients who claimed they repaired their fountain in the past, but water was leaking and the mechanical parts were not working right.

Our best recommendation is to always call an expert if you want to make sure your fountain works properly.

We’ve made it as simple and intuitive as possible so you can get this yard upgrade without too much hassle.

After you’ll request a quote on our website, we’ll call you back to see if we’re a good fit.

If we are, we’ll schedule an on-site visit to see your property and help you with the layout of your new fountain. You’ll get a transparent quote, and if you like it, we’ll sign a contract.

We’ll order the materials, prepare the area, and get to work according to the timeline we agreed upon. You’ll be in full control of the project and we’ll communicate every step of the way. If you have any questions, we’ll be there to answer.

The cost of installing a fountain water feature here in Central Florida is around $8k for medium-sized stone fountain. Of course, there are different tiers of fountains, and you can install something as expensive as $15k if you want to.

The cost of a repair depends on the issue at hand. Cleaning the debris is a quick job, but replacing the pump and fixing some cracks will take more labor. Generally, the cost of a repair starts from $200.

Most fountain installations and repairs take one day. However, there are situations where we’d have to do some extra work (like ground preparation) that will increase this timeline. 

After our on-site visit, we’ll tell you exactly how long the job will take.

The most popular fountain water features here in Central FL are urns, followed by fountains with pools, Asian fountains, statuary fountains, tier fountains, and wall fountains.

A Pricing Guideline For Your Fountain Construction Project

Before After

Fountain Installation, Winter Springs, FL,

This beautiful fountain installation coupled with a small landscaping job included:

The fountain feature for this project was priced at $2,510.

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We hired Site Pros Landscaping to create our water feature.

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SPL worked diligently, excepting our input along the way, to achieve our desired goals. We have since enjoyed our backyard pond / ecosystem for the last 18 months with a great appreciation for their talents and dedication.


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Zach and Alissa did a great job on my landscape.

There communication was superior and was here when they said they would be!! My front beds look amazing and we are ready for our aquascape fountain display in the spring!

Update they built me an awesome goldfish pond I’m so proud of the job they did

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